Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I-5 Colonnade

This is cool stuff. The I-5 Colonnade is a City of Seattle Park, built under the I-5 overpass, and claims the title of the "first ever urban mountain bike skills park." (Evergreen MTB Alliance)

"We have this outdoor ethic, but we live in a city. Let's combine the two. Let's have our outdoors, mountain-based recreation, but let's have a version of it in town here so we can do it after work or during lunch... and we can hit the backcountry on the weekends."

This is what urban wilderness is all about. There are opportunities for outdoor recreation in our cities - including wilderness-based recreation. Promoting projects like Colonnade will help make cities more livable and residents more active. It connects people with their local environment and fundamentally alters how we see the urban landscape.

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