Monday, April 6, 2009

MKE-MSN high-speed rail to end at Madison airport?

We're looking forward to high-speed rail lines connecting Midwest cities, and the Milwaukee-Madison corridor is the next step in the master plan linking: Chicago to Milwaukee (existing line) to Madison (planned) to the Twin Cities (proposed).

However, this article generated some buzz from potential Madison & Milwaukee riders who aren't too excited about the line terminating at the Madison-Dane County airport, far from downtown, the University, and most tourist attractions and business destinations.

The planners are concerned that sending the line through Madison's crowded Isthmus will cause increased traffic downtown and unacceptable delays for passengers continuing past Madison on the proposed route.

Madison is considering a light-rail system bisecting the city, but the preferred plan connects to the eastern suburb of Sun Prairie, not the airport.

It seems like if we are going to invest in the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative, Madison ought to ensure there is light-rail service from wherever the station is sited.

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